Sunday, May 31, 2015

XII SUNdaYan *-- voidTripling

AHA weUs got some Form.. On our FL8 : fleight where weUs are informed on the secret 8 includes 9 while eigth is a TWIN ;-)

Having found our twintype we poortale into pourTale

Do you like that

60 12 72
  DepartUR  60 is Sun seal for presence walking Boots over You

  tone 8 : includes nine : everyone s feminine (not only them egoistics and tyrans!)


  12 is both Humane and cooperaTional intend purifying the black 21 plague
  we know 12 is in serial 52 the YaniQ demonstrathor..

That is 12 is a collective and people servicing type..
While 52, 13 th tone cosmic went out of mind while the technology stressed out human at average commons forfetting to shape new political plane as YES did

Are Ri Valore

(creative way to see ourus arrivalues)

72 ~a kweakayn Sacral Numbear : while daYan is tripling 24 into 72 : 9 to 8 hours

We explayn later on holding our newcombers in the mood for NooPlanetH

(did you know our GandhiTriplingBlessedByWay?)

 72 is another human.. So what to say Humanity tripled itself today june ONE???

 serendipity at Charging Planet Arcturus
 Human Seal is toned Resonant on this VoiD typo

in wave 66 WorldBridger.. myKey : conGrats' we made it!!