Monday, May 4, 2015

4-6 SUNdayan

Finding the new timetrap we experiemce some forms
yesterday was getting out of the tombola of life when a deep love seems to need saviour.

How far can we go before we settle it with various participants (failimg)?

Is the policeagent trustworthy when he asks me questions i did not raise nor suggest.. But then suggestion theatre of another ones chaos/plan rules 'a hype'.

 So i simply state i am not in for psychological entertainment missing the objectives that sphere with subjectives at some organised permutation table as Tzolkin.

May 4 monday
we  in Holland are in grief for the dead ones in world war 2,  while another world war seems happening of ANOTHER KIND?

DREAMSPELL departure
33 IS SEAL SKYWALKER AS QUETZALCOATL inspiration for QuetSul,  dutch variance
tone 7 is resonant as if a field is vacuum as purified state

Tzolkin is as Travelling
 244 hits a SEED as cosmic egg.
 in WAVE 235 EAGLE OR owl here in her wisdom  offering cuckoos
 TONE 10 IS PLANETARY SPICE for manifestation

Treekweakspell tumbles on 277 -> 17 : earth :: (4) in wizard wave

Quite a space to fill with local fun

Nice daytomorrow
may 5 : 34 245 19
may 6 : 35 246 21

For the time the chants are on autodidact mode
as well as dayly labels

4-6 sundayan moon 11 
kweak power animal is inspired by location this afternoon
dutch wielewaal

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