Sunday, May 3, 2015

-1-3 SIRdayaN

The may month goes synchrone on gregorian & kweakayn/tzolkin'child

That is the 28th day/kin of 10.3 (10,4) bursted out into the wholly continuing show on earth : gregorian stopped as relevant time pattern
 this very trinity is a first illustration how we continue

Dreamspell 30 : love  via hearth felt resonance

Birthgame 241: nurture via breath pulsing sun

Keydraft 271/11: flexibility by grammar balancing as attent-Qi

BioVoid as sound shell

some organising playground virtual writersdogma for ghostwriters - not relevant
  so no name - stay course deal cop / gentleman

Keep the reality situation from 'a writers block
Respect partners workload as initiatives without ground but "selfinterest goody"

Intend as common ground is getting the stuck boy launched free from emprisoners.Set him free from blame while the Mother of Intentions Awakes gradually from the psyche.

The further lectures need swift sharings in this world

the shift happened at the Dark Waters next to a Tree

The body was tortured as a crossing

next morning the bike was exchanged for the car
get the body out of a locking mode
see the station for coffee,  have a VVC stop
Bike around a bit
See the center of locals
get the medicine
tell a story
see the pro-cop / caretaker
stay out of "the comfort zone" : value our peoples work

the car was dropped at the station, shocking memories
A bank with 2 elderly was entertayned
a Frysk captain dropped by and we had a chat
aha tomorrow he tripped to Hoorn.. So i have a lift

Dreamspell 32 human 6 - rhythmic

Birthgame  243 night 8 - galactic

Keydraft 275/15 eagle 2 - lunair challenger