Thursday, May 28, 2015

souldaYan **- challenged the 28 finally

55 6 61

Oops,  i seemed to forget but the the time serpenta moves  ontological

Departure Eagle and visionary goes without a fixed schedule that frauds its existence

55 also indicating a number in the phone ending 55033 and sync with birthday 624 in goa(s)tyear 1955

Almost 60 cycles at water dragonder the 5x12 sync

In tziolkin 220 (electric voltage? Inherited from Tesla)

When did Tesla live 10 july 1856 - january 7,  1943
kweak kin resp. 43 218 001 birth   54 225 279=19

High Lights?

1 indicates  Tesla  started a new aeon as Silvanus meant his Godhead.
 19 as wizard 6 - dancing apprentii, my prime core for enchanting a passing

225 serpent defining invwindwave 222,  +key for a chair beghosting a wholly dynasty..

43 follows 42,  Jan Goudsblom, myleader of the pack setvfreefrom my fathervMartin John andca salzpipe helping YaniQ to backpacktrack the wholly intenD
What arrival spell? After 50the 5thvp radiating a multiple saga incl. Eckart Wintzen & Pim Fortuyn first EU judge commissary commussary at a Palacio?

61 indicates monkey
YaniQs rednosed Monkey delivering Simon Peter Gabriel :  US