Friday, May 29, 2015

XII SIRdaYan *-- which power animal on twelfth moon?

57 9 66 perhaps we corrected 1 kin on oir passing on to the 12th moon
the crystal on calling for coooeration
what does it require
what is offering spacetime?  what is taken care off,  too?

departure at 57 premisses earths NaviGate

Fair enough i suppose

Processing the movements greatly is 9,  the cleamest moon of alll

Nine is fdmi nine and i hope them saviours of that womb as Kuxan Suum
remember its des'tiny which may be guiding them childrens phases resp.
3^0  3^1 3^2 years long, 14th is wizardry,  settimg free from moms, whi will be there when needed desperate not in pamper care all the way, we know the queeste s premise is to be conquered not hospitalized as quarantee for life or friend

Yesterday the 9 star Tahirih medal was talked over

Q66 was an ol dutch pop group, does it refer to something?
Q as character 17 / earth

from z1 &2 y3 x4 Q is 11,  eleven..

66 is a 1 tone fir wavespell world Bridger once Frans but elas het failed hus strength
 in YaniQ case.. Maybe interpreting the chair case too chivey

Bridgee marks a Death as having no money for DAY
 simply see the demins at works'

NL51 INGB 0003394781
to cj de groot
  just skipping the rule bravely  as luxery emergency regarding boat refugees

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