Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4 >5< 6 SUNdayan liberation day the Netherlands

Yesterday eve the memorial was impressive : " we know our destiny as humaen"
 on this 5 may the energy in schEnkhuuzen was really special
starting with sunshing and misteal wind
markets all around,  people enterraining one another full opensmiles we cherish those days and they cannot be all days in order to focus the celebration of free zone to live our society.

In the afternoon rain and watershed  broke down with a purifying character

I simply loved it to get wet.

34 245 19 : 3 phases of 8 hours make a wholly 24

Departure 8 starts at local 22 - 6 in the morning
34 marks Warrior Seal as fearlessness Tone 8 - Galactick

Travelling 8 goes on 6 till 14 o'clock in the afternoon
its on 245,   Eagle - visionary spiced with Owltone 11, spectral sHarpness
 indeed liberating dynamics on this very day  remember this as gaving lived and enjoyed thus current

Arrival 8 14-22 shuts down this cycle in worrying a bit.. How to survive the mix we illustrate
 19 is the first Storm in the 260 table hall
 it is in Wizards wave tone 6 - arhythmic dancer equibalancy as well as equi/aqua ~ Valencies.