Monday, May 25, 2015

SouldaYan the 9th one in thiscnoo concepttion

Does it temper time when the suggestion keeps hold on 3 24 hours and 9 To eight similar AS 9 TO 9 WITH the zipper on 8? last one has a twin on (8th hour)

54  5  59 numbear the row on *-- , day 25of maya

Departure 54 is second tone in skywalker wave

Seal is Wizard for enchantmemt,  challenging some noo by songs and rhythms

It s the last wizard before the Yaniq and S'ace wizard 74 in 7 days on the arrival check

5 depicts Serpent 5, overtoneSerpent bites on whitsunday pooson in the victim

Overtone radiate s the skull crystals

Perfect eve 4 mago writing the tree case closure

59 seal storm cataluses the serpents poison into elixer #

Tone 7 is resonating the void column 7

Some Mykey wrotimg fits in..

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