Saturday, May 30, 2015

XII Crystall - SIRdaYan **- halfway tripling

So we are getting more coded, so when someone fills a code page or clip on this
we lll co me

58 10 68

 departure energy 
 58 depicts MIRROR tone 6,  lately in the treekweak zone

What tells mirror when its broken?
 blood on the tracks,  bib Dylan

Perhaps THESE Periods are As reCeiving A BABY \ A GOOD LESSON TOO FOR BOTH?.?

WHAt DIFFERENCES meet a physical baby and a mental one?

}}} i truely hope MyKey will respond in thectalking it over section

Perhaps mediates a victim?

 Processing tends to be  similar as resteppimg some corridors
 bythe one was in a hurry,  alas

Now ome is warned by mistakes,  so only own mistakes hurt

10 is dog ofones favou~RIte

RI is laughing as having a red nose as Monkeys can have on cards

But Jimmys watchTower Power told us the Jester Joker Clown Fool Trap

Who converts it to the ones that Need so BaDLY.?




WHAT does it say   :   Vega in Lyra

Socis it about music and playing guitar man or harp?


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