Thursday, May 14, 2015

KINdayan *-- target day in the Hague?

This KIN is matched to the site geven to me by YaniQ

Why did she do this?

Keeps on wondering my lunatic search tolling (allowing such and place it save)

5 15 : 44 255 039 may 15 seed5 overtone eagle8 galactic storm13 cosmic

Quite (ah~mazing as creative esp)
 resp. Radiance ~ Integrity ~ Presence comb

Guides mark for just ice having co_participants in flight KIN20YY saved for family lifes progress in good effort.. Mystery solveD

Is 5 15 a three day and 20 Too i wonderedintuition at service and presence as sun

The initiating nightwas on 43 energy

Dancing the night away with the head om RainoBear

Fantastic Healing musique at Entrada

Nice morning, tea with honey - duck couple in the garden full skulls