Wednesday, May 13, 2015


WHILE empire governs on Aseanus - god Silvanus can track the aeon s shift

Here divine language needs oraclemen to surrender as Humanity

Waternet divinely chose one in 1998 on Gregorian XIII scale

What Mayan year was is in dreamspell?

26/7 2003 spectral wizard year became. The leader of the Pack
 numbear?  earth1  3 days from it on 157,  so 154 its kin
 154 minus 365 is as 414 - 365 is 49 : moon 10 in sun wave 40

49 minus365 is as 569 minus 365 makes 204 : Seed 9 year 2001

204 minus 365 is as 464 minus 365 makes 99 : Storm 8 year 2000

Leaping resp Wizard7 1999 ; Moon 6 1998 ; Seed5 1997 ; Storm5 1996

Okay - servicing som calculations provided by Jose Argueless

We found seed5 year as matching Oracle Human for Waternet while it was in februar 1998

The very day codes

14: 43 254 036 helping our MataHari to find her way out of the put

43  is mark for intuition4 - self existing - as essence endurimg the nightwatch (Rembrandt, Amsterdam)

254  is mark for wizard7 - resonant - enduring the trip, the movement control potential enchanting his voyage through the maze

036 is mark for warrior10 - manifesting - while landing on the several lines in peace giving sense and vitality to societies destiny

 43+254 gives 297 minus 260 : 37 the ninth lord of time signal within serial 111-999
 3*37 makes 111

The dreamspell spells an earth seal on tone 11 : spectral

Here i keep on tracking the lifecodes of Valum Votan, the time traveller - abused by my friend Yitzhaq too long i propose

Earth is trigger forNavigation and imdeed quite some Navigation happened in agony today

 Thanks YaniQ for showing your greater Goddess ~ whatever the days may bring forward

All together the numBear movements align  333(9)

welll,  how does mykey react on this signal of 27 as 3x3x3?  or her insight?


  1. 3 is a figure of God, canonized from the third unit.
    33 refers to the Christ figure
    9 the number of months a mom carries the child before birth

    If one indulges the bigger picture, and recognizes the innermost being, birth unfolds.

  2. i see
    I remember Antonio Rossin in my life talking om the Einatein Project etc
    In fact he succeeded me visiting Lucknow 2007 replacing Jose Arguelles

    As my invited prime guest, jacob said he was too occupied by his work
    I m sure this one had filled him with 3 vital elan years more ;-)

    Thanks myKey for remembering 33. .
    Which may be a hasanna problem installed.. By who, which tribes buying the holyness for trade

    Why do i suddenly have a girlfriend talking tactics?
    Isnt is supimply someome talking to her on our twin economy closure not a subject for anyone not even older soms forgettin their own generarion to conquer?

    This is not meant by generation binding on a physical level,
    Which is only possibke in a monad state of solar interdependence

    In stead of the old paradigme Mykey serves on the tablet
    The other one gives

    3^0 as 1, 1 St year contemplatimg 9 months in womb on 4 to 3 equation
    Babys external womb

    3 ^ 1 as 3, 3year 2-4 representing a MaDonna with baby

    3 ^ 3 as 9, 9 year 5-13 represnpenting child in garden playing growth

    After 13 the motherly years stop by child
    This is personalising her talents in society again at full strength

    The celebration days are as santa Claus ot of mindbuilding orders

    27. Os measure for 3 kweaks or 9 kweeks a 3 kin a kweek

  3. Most important conclusion the triple researcher. On source, Field and Self states is that 28 is both in time-schedule as Alphabeth (moonbeth) the sol'U T ion

    The T givin kundalini outcome
    The earth did arise skyhigh in the eye of the beholder

    U turn gives a bow below and communicates the open mind above

    That one is 7 from behind advising the Jews and such dwelled ones from holyness

    TheT is 8
    A Time advisory
    For 3to 8 hours a day of 24

    Leaving the people in sync balances
    Location awareness as experienced marketplace factor centering all beimgs on soul