Sunday, May 31, 2015

XII Cosmic SIRdaYan *** triplinG fullSIR

59 11 70)

 Dreamspell Tzolkin TreeSpell  >> DTT } OTHER THAN IDDT in Netherlands Waterlands with Arun Gandhi

DepartUR  station greatly mastered by Jose Arguelles & dr YitzhaQ Hayutman, cyber architect on the run

59 is storm seal : agartha-has-ascended-to-6d-next-comes-our-ascension/cataclysmo

FLEIGHT done by stand up  Judge Commissary Commissary on GIN 20xx flight 21 years growthbof YRobinea TRees on typical Dutch director manafement Belgian

Anecdote:blessed by Gandhi dynasty in 2009 may23 facilitated by Atrent-Qi power undisturbed/cosmic

11 indicates Arguelles himself having left earth beyonD
trayning hus kin for this mission

Its also monkey12/ 51 Jan2 laid down by Ben16, a drunk nerd, drinking mothers nipples at 28,  pretty sick and pervers: jalous guy as steve sicko other than twin steven E
steve of destructions of Schonfield Legacy hiked into Gandhi Legacy walking tgevdutch dikes on may 23,  2009 with a popping photographer on elan vital wings,

Arrival 70

Premises a dog but then Woolf in SHIFT PHASE SkyZeRo

Tone5 overtone

Fools Overture SuperTramp

YaniQs high Fleight 4 Earth & Be Yon D. April 30,  2014
Last day of a kings crusade 26 27 28 29 30done by
 deputy chief chais 2 order uncle S'ace 42

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