Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wINDdaya illustrates the Zipper

So Uesterday we found 3 to 8 hoirs closing 24 as a full day
 hides the twin hours 9- triple 9 : 22 6 14 22 as arbitrarary paasing endless struggle from groupies

The Triple kin are special X Y X form

049 300 049

While 49 is as Y a trinityand 300 a 4 as 4 to 75

We redraft XYX into YXY as its form

 49 suddenly resomates 13 as well as 36,  resp sum & product
 Diff is 5

TzolkiN resonates  MOON 10 in Sunwave of presence
10 manifests our LuckNow day,  already gome by


300 is actually 40 while we subtract 260,  the wholly cycle
so we
YXY into 49 40 49very peculuar

For me because indeed very exciting ideas came in and where Transponded in the world that trusts my most Humble acts
YaniQ even combines YitzhaQs Judas book,  Mata Hari & Erasmus and the spinning fall

good sol'ution to bind all "what happens in the earths shift & omega spydear"

A propos : what will my connected Jews do in Budapest..?


49 a gain MOON10 - Planetary

It feels okay josé Argue LESS

We happeneD in Moon noospheric Alliancees you apprentii of Red Queens as
my very lover woman YaniQ for so many days alway giving and Laughing her best smiles,

Cheek kisses too

WIND 9 & Human 13 together Wizard 9 Solar Child

As jupirpter Child Juno bro of Zinzy,  womderful daugther of Louise & Jeroen AT neighbours 2B

(alas 2B formerly Jacobs place, I heard he died last year in Purmer-end)

Memo Jacob W.

An advocate struggling boatrefugees entering the Netherlands as land of their destiny
 ( as typical )

He inspired the revenche - seat on november 6 2014, saving the tree-money for Participants Groeninvesr - GIN giving the Kings Trust

What an Offer you made, dear Jacobs Ladder!

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  1. this man is making the months into 27 (3x9)days, inspired by the 28 moon peace calendar ... neither of which keep the month steady on a single point of the cycle (in which case we could start splitting (and greying) hairs over the range it wavers back and forth a frac within that [time of the moon], as all are, never indivisible point).

    Some fish bites

    Whereas the intellect doesn see 27 ipon time intervalls blockingvtoo

    3x9 incl a twin hour 8