Tuesday, June 2, 2015

XII crystal Moon SUNdaYan **- midway spheric

11 53 64  see next enrty full correcTion!
Blue Spectral Monkey hits Jose Arguelles chozen KIN as departure station for HUMAN

He is Time Traveller, friend of many Cybear Architects escaping ego iK

Written on that by Stephanie South his apprentice

Blue is Tramsformative colour needed before takeoff to enchant or such

53 is known as REED ONE,  quetzalcoatl code (8too)


RED initiates noo world

Is blood colour sometimes from the nose.. That pokes

Skywalker Explores that vast we forget personal hotstone massage at the smith fitting horsshoes AT media fabrics with fat guy managemold.

No personality No guts is not the fitting clue

Open Physics Open Mind is Grounding Attent-Qi.nl
a TWIN based enterprise on 73 by chance.

Working together in sound spheres.. As meditared in Neu Ree Bah chantings depictimg wizard Nine : 74,  2 2 + 5 2 : Wind And Human couple

wizard nine again!  as wave spot 22 from 14
sun 13  from 40, sun1

Arrival blessings by  64 -  the chessboard number also Manitou

The image for emphasizing a goodmiximg relarionship
 remind 6 olus 4!as oerfect 10 - T E N:

Transformational Telepathing Navigations

 as KIN-ID.netcmeant for next phase..

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