Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SoulDayan *** strikes day 28 - the VoiD

56 7 63 kin of resp. dreamspell tzolkin treekweak

Departure 56

Is a Warrior 4 type as Berny
what does he intend to conquer?

But she is not there, or is she doubting some facts
Did we talk it over to act fearless when it comes to suchness

It only happens in the moment but was prejected too we know by signalgimmicks

Traveling 7
depicts Resonant Hand, the hand of the practioner on

she is a real HARA driver,  which popped MataHara as her destiny.
So a bit spy type, investigations in beach club parties to overcome her G'pride stagnations.

Becoming a resonant hand makes it a healthy tool for partners always on a movement uncontrolled while cosmic human did come from crystal monkey,  passing onwards..

63 Arrival

Shocks the night at 11 - a collective experience

Intuits fall over one another
as we experience double 8 : 9th the baby born

Contemplate    &    as birthing symbol  pos 26(8)

So here we described 27 iso 28

57 8 65
earth star serpent

Quit a speaking trio

Tones 5 8 13  :   great performance