Thursday, May 21, 2015

WINDdaYan *** triplim them trinity 19 20 21 maYa

The calendar chNGED THIS MONTH and we could hardly know
it also gives pattern  27 in hours when we see the 8th hour as Mothervand Childthe pregnant woma or also man
 a man can be pregnant Of similar ideas as woman but this is ridiculous falsifyimg language as meant.. Here we mean pregnant of a world encapsuling idea that frees fROm N OLD PARADIGM THAT FORMED A THRESHOOD

THE paradigm lately discovered in the Netherla was

THIS WAS OCCASIONALLY DONE BY SECRETARY-PRESIDENT AUTORITY FINANCIAL MARKETS MISSES VAN Vroonhoven my partner in GIN20YY flight licensed to take flight in 2000 guaranttee landing when touching ground

Touch down with the landing by illegal / abusive force as rockets get passengers downbut notcon free gepiven airways.

At the same time as chaospilit saves participants as passengers he is attacked in the babk by a guest in the house of love.whats up doc?

50 41 91 (correction forcuesterday : 49 40 89!
faulty can be communicative too ;-) as exception only

Departure 50 Depicts DOG as WoLF,  the pionear for new life, elan VITAL AS participation stops too faul children " gettimg to fuck the mother" as it shows that  play

Is is a one night stand. Or even three,  than okay that includes the lessom for both

A true loving relatiinshio comjunicates a film that hardly could be stopped
 but  a single opportunity token by boss and boss in the house

as Silvanus godhead means ending a faulty period,  as someome experiencing patience and forgot s play in selfsight booming new chances for both in the dream

process is as moving from the danger limes into save healthy zones.

41 shows monkey processing on tone 2 the challenge offered by TAo
allow the goodmakingadventure ?
Play the healthy  bodies as shows her meaning to life by her  Handtools and MataHara special earth crystal activated by Vega.

Arrival illustrates 91 the Quarter Number as 4 give a wholly year
 again Monkey but now as Cosmic as Cosmic Human 52 (YaniQ)

[BLUE Cosmic MONKEY]  SEARCH gives a reading.Of course it is Transformative

It is playfull presence loosening autistic stiffness accepting lifes TREASURE S

PEACE & communication in egoless performances knowing a silent gift,..
 the generation s'ilence transpassing youth and equivalences on reasonable mixes


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