Monday, May 18, 2015

KINdaYan - 6th daYan, 3rd day - theme Unity / dances

The Start Up is always a hard....
 is a motivating say to pick up Lust for Life

Is this why the Lady is a Tramp when it comes to proove & decision on particiPatient moods?

Arrival daYan

3 daily Seal governing 22 06 14 22

47 ~ 258 ~ 042

( aHA Norit on 42 aka uncle Jan, my verY inspiration )

047 departs as Hand washing water cleaN,
 it trembles and vibrates as 8 - galactic tone

258 is processing the elevator pitch.. Dont you think ¿
Mirror, Mirror on the walll who is PANdit number One Sharing 11 -
11 Spectral Tone of liberation such as Mother FreeD from DramaSon or Other Kiddo ')

042 is pure Arrival such as our black Noorit
s'he connected us at a higher SKY,  or plain / plane

Then DaisY could be freed too

from what to say? The mind program governing Yanickname

How could she be trapped that easy?? All Genesys???

 total numbear fuses at 357 - in the 21x21 measure 441 (9)

So the tzolkin vibrates in 8 (260)
 the Hunab Kuh counter vibrates a 9 free from cubi : spheric