Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NESSdayan sec - Mata Hari is alive and makes WarHead

To day is the mid triple of 9,  centre of 27

Say daynumbers 13 14 15

They are coded synchrone as 9days a kweak before may 1

We are in eleventh moon out of 13 (till july 24)

Day 13 codes as  42 253 035 for the 3 movement types
departure 42 is as Galaxy Hitchhiker answer,  wind 4 - self existing in arrangements
this codes Jan Goudsblom,  the dutch guy saving 5 adults and unborn child

To me this translated as 5 senses as sight,  taste, smell,  touch and hearing

The child embodies shamans secret the sixth sense

This sense picks up distant to default crossovers that pop serendipity.

Traveling trip is kin 253 : last column skywalker in star wave
its tone is 6,  hmmm seems to match the unborn one getting birth

arrival kin is 35, we take Owl as a predator bird for a while

Owl is numbear oracle 13 5 12 => 30  -  WOLF


This guides the better world as weaving a trouser weepimg ones childrens destiny

Surrender the noo worlds where we are.

Bolon Ik