Saturday, May 23, 2015

URdaYan. **- universe confesses


I step out of the Hotel the Breast
 to walk over the street

 a yellow bus drove by and stopped

A woman rans out of the bus

I donot see recognition immediately

Closerby i see it is Saskia
 a volunteering neighbour in our practise of

she drops hersel in my arms

I feel like heavenly weeping Camel,  sixth skin

Wouw the Rhythmic Tone as Sixth Tone forced to send photo of DaisYbasee 'my' pussycat received from gratitude YaniQ in a UR Heave from URane,  the 8th planet.. Okay.

52 43 95

Departure 52 shows daytime kin cosmic human of partnes moring kin crystal monkey (skulls and bonestype : in for lustcbut be careful for applications - practice only on professional hara : donot bend to emotional gender when profession requires that license)

 52 is presence in the world of energy handlings into the effects premisdont loose your master honourable free giver ever..

 Voyage 43 feeds intuitive arousals as TAo gives sights on options

Tone 4 marks self-excitings happening in some chaordo

rrival 95 sets an eagle or even vulptur

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