Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WINDdaYan *--

WIND spell 19 20 21 th day of moon /may2

3 daily seal governin 22 6 14 22 is an hour orientwgere kweakayn propagates same hour everywgere only 3 phases : 3*8 hoursor 3 * 9 hours ; 9th as twin! Houras the hourglass symbol 8

48 ~ 259 --047

(sorry previous day 42 Was a bit euphoric, correct one 45 serpent 6 rhytmic)

Now (yesterday) we had
 star 9 solar  bright Vegan shining her ger hearth, again vage from shimmering influences back in thruth, at home

Storm 12 crystal As Mediator in a'Quarantain letting Keshe Water tricks heal human
stop hunting deadly gossip for vital elan on practice as attent-Qi massages for bodily recoveries.. Underlying seroents kundaLini'age

HAND 8 Galactic  heals from the oractioners clean mindsetwhivgph is feeded by the cow
 galaxy milky way (titd pleasure pergaps as motherly Legacy from this 13 year periods :3^0  +  3^1. + 3^3
 1   3.  9  YaniQ 139.1+3+9 makes 13

Its product raises 27  1*3*9

 the productive years as foundation for solar life : raise yourself bro/sis

Stop all agony -  extreme physical or mental  suffering as migraine types do  themselves,  sometimes driving a neighbour to killing herself (ydw on windmolen xx hhw 198x)  

does history repeat itself or are solar beings that ignorant slaves of sensation via victomizing  other ones? ?

Wind xx- on 20may follows soon

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