Thursday, July 2, 2015

XIII 11 FAdaYan -*- bioTope 4givinG Integral Builder

91 43 134
92 44 136  <<== july 3 :centerfold kernel overtone 5
93 45 137

92 departure is Human Feminine WizzarT

She gets beyonD Earth by trayning yankee & yankey

That means left behind the Ol' sQuaw.. Taken for Num Bear to f*** - faceq

Striking 44 means we are on a schedule - whoms schedule?  nobody & anybody too

But remind 44 is made up by 52 and 252. . How is that?

Welll 52 iz YaniQ dreamspell wise 2005 into 2015 the disaster delivered from family life

And 252 is regular tzolkin cell in numbear /kin

304 minus constant 260 pops 44 yaniQ at some Arrival she hardly believes
 so she enters old save scarity life with SSS nerd tyoes she sheds against Gandhi world with S'ace her protector for deamons with VitaNessY

ArriVal 136 Deamon 136 might cover her eldest son,  a psychopath
he is the kind of boy 28, never seen with a girl however could be attractive as "softy"

He likes S'ace place and near him after a massage by mums with
  "You! Have a nice girlfriend"

I am shocked by such talk : she is you mother .. "best softy"

Well sometimes the story stagnates at a shock..
While mediating " someomes Lead as a parent /Silvanus  alined Ordenear..
Speaking iso laughing at Telly but it streams machine talks.. Echo & hollows..