Tuesday, July 21, 2015

27 SOULdaYaN *** full house of 9 daYan that request the LadY / QueenY

106 58 164
107 59 166
108 60 168  <<==  july 21 a TueSday , perhaps it is RED or even RUB...Y

The day started early because my house was on a MarketPlace ... funny
It also failed on electrix - so it was moved by 3 guys ...
A handwritten letter was done in a zuvuya , learned from attent-Qi.nl practiQer & directriche YaniQ

(perhaps a bit out of balance but -- i reckon recovering from an assault by zombees)

The HARA zone always returnes and overcomes by earth born weavings that promote

108  signals a STAR BORN

108 is tone 4 in 105, serpent -- can revitalize when the sphere orders the concentration
(get away of all negatives by a blessing or shaYaniQ act)

FLeight / FL8
60 sparks a SUN seal .. always enlightening Qi healing cards
it is a wave 53 tone 8 spicing GALAXY as an integrity focus - perhaps "where did i go wrong?"
and "how do we fuse it again in closed harmoney" which is the common wish ..

Arrival of the whollly daYan2
168 also gives a STAR on wave 157 - the EARTH bound in Tone 12 - CRYSTAL : work together in joined wires that all grow and flow QI reeived by TAo streming TZUjan(nekey)
168 in a script

ENDing the MOON of 27 daya we draft the 27th day interval
on SUM 996 recalculated by loosing 780 (3x260) 216
So it all is sampled in that lucky KIN WARRIOR tone 8 in MOONwave - the purifier