Wednesday, July 15, 2015

20 WINDdaYan -*- Media centers may be pivoted into another strife

100 52 152
101 53 153  ==>> july 14  Quatorze \Juilliet  -  Out of Prison
102 54 154

Quite some focus on GRexit these days ..

101  spellls a Dragon , as another fuit from s'heaven
YaniQi grew from YaniQ, a commanding princess from a ROOF

FL8 is as FLeight , a zuvuya mental trayning to survive - be present

perhaps Neil Diamond was a multifaceted in his crystal name

53 indicates a SKYWALKER
i labeled this the ALBATROS
a bird tha goes by wind and good SHAPE

also goes on ALBATROS

lets see what this YANKEY pops for my Mystery Queen
lost in Pedrequerre Spain y an Intruder in peaced harmoneye

nice - steve nicks in Fleetwood Mac
I forgot .. but thank YANKEY for her wildness to shake her trees gently through the neight

she's Vega and Owl and S'ace-Qi too unlimited

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