Friday, July 31, 2015

12 FAdaYan *** - full house

119 71 190 ---------------------------------------------->> august 1 ~ a satURdaya
120 72 192 ---------------------------------------------->> august 2 - the monday after the MOONdays
121 73 194 august 3 - tuesday on ol'paternalism

As Human in Love we always meet again .. so why hesitate .. dear one
(shame is an artifact .. : Love is Forgiveness the highest trophee : avoid to celebrate oneself)

some issues al only up to a single human being - in line with UniQversal Souldiers

NO PROOVE for another one ... no debt to exchange ..

TAo - first 8 hours of the day .. as setting it offspin
DRAGON seal is as a New Baby born ..
should we adapt it to our standards or
perhaps let it all alone and come up with a new calendriX

73 : a Mayan holy numbear
Alignes to Quetzalcoatl .. the mysterious God , perhaps Ouroubouros alike"
Its seal is skywalker : its power animal : Albatros, a seagull on the Wind

TzuJanKee : sets the work to be done (destroys) - perhaps autistic: we always did this

ArriValue - perhaps the ArrowValue once to shoot a PreY as LION?
the Wizard Seal pops on this moment of decicion and arrivaing home .. / as 1s return in the physical domain of what the governent people see as "fact"
194 is in wave 183 of the intuit: it crystalizes the very transparant truth on life ..
multifaceted diamond .. hard enough for cutting iron

TzuYanKeY carries two rods : the Lovers both exchanging their most refined says \/ themes

1 comment:

  1. To this daYan I add



    NORiT42 & DaisY42 ..
    Temporaal trophee for a Mother Hunter .. & storm Yankee ..
    Searching a lost KEY residing At TZUJANKEY (rigel)

    Mykey , world U be So kind to delivers this to her, our precious one?