Thursday, July 30, 2015

08 MOONdaYan **- over the half we go todaY ... did we have FULL MOON?

116 68 182 <<============ july 29 wednessday (juuly 28 was tuesday - correction)
117 69 184 <<== july 30 thursday in ol'Gregor XIII
118 70 186

(oops i described 69 in previous .. perhaps it is domnant in this daYan - "a kweak")

some tension on the last realistic chances the Great Lady takes in the only form/world
Does she gonna make is and release from the ol' boys networks
We have participaton now stead paternalism , aye
The woman assigned properties become all human available .. man being intuit and full doubt
Woman presenting talents in the front office stead mostly back office (less sharpness)

TAo directs a departure .. and follws the TZUJAN of the NIGHT ! (the RETURN from a dayfleigt)
EARTH is the Navigator ... only when feets are grounded the holon is filled wih pure self:
burning a flame and bringing that one in the uniQversal Fire .. forget lousy gaming "other ones"
Tone 13 delivers the all presence concentration to decide on YaniQ spontaneitY ..
forget the lousy tactical game ... mostly cutting someones flag .. (abject behaviour)
Get the angle on the way to go ..
See for the winds ..

here an old version of kweak - chanted in the morning by MykeY in Flandern

the chanting wil return in the kweakay on daYan smiles ..
matter of finding ET's home again .. somehow freed from dark forces ..

TZUJANKEY governs the Voyage ...
Forget ol'tracks and go ahead ... into the new , a NooSphere premise that prooves waterproof
& Gandhi too ?
Moon 4 follows Moon in Service (68) which presented 4 already by uniQversal Faulty
4 also indicates here the 3rd phase in the trip :
Tao ~~~ Tzujankee ~~~ QI ~~~TzuYanKeY ~~~ Tao

so we have 4 phases ( marked by ~~ )
The Jankee mixes while living the commandments .. in private we zolve by finding the KEY

We grab to one another .. in Touch and kiss ...