Wednesday, July 8, 2015

17. XIII KINdaYan -*- centric axis idea

97 49 146
98 50 148  <<== july  9
99 51 150

Departur. 98 shows the fifth mirror in column 5 , An overtone spice

 YES : and You and  I

Write IT as           & U &II

and it already cures the distance

In the teardrops allowed .. personalllY - YaniQi
never again act that hard and vast liquided as an iron coin

 we heard her label this stagnaQi - a captured Energy sick for treatment at the practise .,

 processing the Fleight at 50

 PoPS the hearth bouncing the connection - of inspiration

 such is translated as a must moment at the autist huis awareness

but then he might realise his breathing is an autonomic proces
which is als a pending realisation of the Love attraction :
 people Love ons another naturally as S'ace loves Thomas and noted this at YaniQ her awareness but he didnot listen or react at bliss. Do what  is causing the wargame at YaniQs commandment?  is thius how he regards to cultural emancipaton?
 WE ALL GET LOST and BETRAYED by a non open communicative woman who is autistic emancipatoir and gives sick initiatives to a society lost from correction after verification.

why verify anythng when  the  correction phase is dominated by ego autisms

mr George Möller write Here about the face-honour against personal & awareness honour

 so face-honour is preventing society to rol straight and Lo vers fotgiving one another
Hypocrites ruling society should ge stopped by King & Queen

 Does YaniQ suddenly align with popular thinkers then i fear my precious is lost

 Arrival 148

148 shines a Star as Vega and Arcturus ..

Fifth tone being the overtone that strikes another realization on her awareness

 "i me myself was in fa se mood tot Judge the corrective retraite needs!!! "

 the face does not bring forth any Luck however it laughs away another ons
 it is the mind on mental flexibility that grows flows blows the relational bliss we bring forth
As star on the planet ellow

Yellow Overtone Star initiates :-) the corrective moods to  rebind hearths meant tot live