Wednesday, July 8, 2015

18. XIII. kINdaYan --* completion of a KIN of 72 hours: KIN-ID

 97  49 146
 98  50 148
 99  51 150   <<==  jjuly Y 10
KIN 99
 departuDe signals Storm in the Tunnel of Love
 tone 8 - integritY of the hearthbasements

Deel within the strings sa electric sensory perception : the other ons is do near

 see  deel  touch. Kneel steal & he al ..

 really we have toe steal and return as exercise or prudence only as pretender / autistic

Fleight 51 is monKey 12 , my precious in the morning of friDay
 setting Fred from the ol' bastard Fien - closed in commnicating life

Therefor the mother of autistic behavioural such as Thomas/Jude
of course he is only a victim of cultural crossovers like momscan they het rid of remorse

 crucial pitfall
 150 shows WOOLF the solar wind  howling hurricane over the deserts
 tone 7 - resonant tot all that happens in order to serve interdeoendent andere trustworthY Y Y
 y e s     Y is the rod.    A Three to ree  at the ultimate momentum

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