Monday, July 20, 2015

26 SOULdaYaN --- Navigates into the RoyalGardens for a SWIM

106 58 164
107 59 166  <<== july 20 monday here - in ELborough - EL the MaaT
108 60 168

tonight another police adventure fooding the climax for a maYor to act in public face

At least the government claim i as sent of gone into foreign country mus have been their headache from 73 in monteverdi 's musiQue

The day brought us nice weather - less warm and perfect to be under the sun ..
she still lilences me as an autistic or maybe because other motives ..
where a shift must boom .. regarding how such shifts manifest .. the Dream

107 ticks the departure of the dayline
its a hand sigtnature - now it is another hand than massage ..
it is the hand of Father BEN finding them bottoms, wauw divine ones to slam a soft pleasure to have sinned this practixce done in forgiveness cloud ..

59 guides the FLeight
its STORM the catalyser on this TZUJAN  - the link between QI and TAo or was it vice versa?
59 is a TONE 7 - resonant - type that is the mith of 13 ..
up to 8 - the integrity and 9 - the intend attractors

promises 166 : first fout 66 ?
again Beaver pops in a short time ending in juy 25 - theos partyline
From the wave 157 we know 166 as a manifestor ..
is it th 107s outcome ??