Friday, July 17, 2015

23 URdaYan -*- WIND seal represents communication (never us the WALL as lovers even when its critic)

103 55 158  (note 53 yesterday was a TRICKY)
104 56 160  <<== july 17 fridaY  -  all the options dry into professional CARE???
105 57 162

anecdote - i had a 2 hour walk in the neight , think to 'p*ss" of the late shamanic rite.
felt as a punishment - but only till it was accepted as GOOD interdependency.WELLLNé / Born

104 is a SEEDling that finds it direction into what is UniQversal standing Human Cosmic / 52
Tone 13 signals a final step into the solvation for the best society we long for / 4

FLeightt  ==
>> also a second of 3: so WINDbased on cummunicating one an other (prevent autism always)
56 notes a WARRIOR , hardly to imagine a WARRIOR seal failed on many standard principles ..
coded MF for life as former treatment - nowadays we develop regression therapys for his wholeness
Tone 3 shows the SERVICE mode for the society to deliver by its core CARE [free from "incest"]

160 : the SUN bright and far away TAo tracking wrong thoughts to clean up , my BaBY

EARTH wave 157 carries a foruth tone on th SUN
ere Earth s the NaVigaThor such as TheoDoor' Lalleman , inspirator by brakthrough moments
TheGreatMan for S'ace, who is going to believe his mission as a MEDIUM such as miss Marieke de Vrij at the Vrije Mare in Drente - book "de wonderlijke wereld" - sparred with Evert and Theo some years ago , the year Theo passed on second Christmas day, birth day for our Angel of Death T/Jude.