Thursday, July 16, 2015

22 URdaYan *--- DRAGON seal on 22 - white solar wind

103 53 158 <<== july 16 a morning has broken under 73 in the cellar with a bike
104 54 160
105 55 162

Quite a happening this morning being HOME as ET meeting
(ol' days YaniQ in transition cracking the Imag|O for the ButerFLY she is becoming through transition summer 2015 '))

103 set agenda for NEIGHT - the seal exposing INTUIT that reigns the SHAMANIQ act
(a pdf is at her disposal to publish it in her world as wide she may do)

it is wave 92- human on the cracking TONE of 12 - crystal multifaceted carbon WEIGHT

the weight is in the basket carrying human water that doctors like to analyse
FIEN also airs the BIKE aligned to The Great LadY - a trick once done as a healing intenD

When healing intenDs are giving the other tubeside entry to the other one - HIDE

but then the HOPE is done by Patience a Mtysterious DEAMon human might know(body)


study this one when the agenda gve opportuniQty

53 is the highest number of weeks in the ol' Gregor 13 scheme
In kweak we have 52 moons in 4 Years plus 5 days .. that can count for the 53th kweak
clebreathing our planet .. perhaps 21 to 25 july (only using the Gregor as SUN spot at Northern Hemisphere)

53 is the numbear for QuetzalCoatl .. is this true on this day of sleeping under 1 roof again ??

ONE as Tone is the Magnetic one fitting  Magnetizers as she ,
shiatsu practioner at
a welll done site .. the grounder is shaked as a Pseudo Acacia Tree protector at
( a kingdom tracker for 3 crowning as 2013 15 are done ,
 the NL-medium has 4/28 as IIIrd in aUniQversal agenda )
But then actions are preset to make it run from a right angle / no angel this time

Arrival for the daya
sets a MIRROR in anyones face to face - did I go wrong and is a way back glooming
- the verification into rectifiation button might be outdated a bit ..
allow a shamanic ride on the magic carpet - steppenwolfY

') 2015 can be cat crept in .. as DaisY yesterday told some CRY to me - ignored? by her highness
(or indeed - we forgive .. that the cat crept in and find a way out of the tunnel of LOVERs)

so 260 x 10 is 2600 minus 520 gives 2080 .. then 65 less gives 2015
this schedules the Gregorian year on 195 - EAGLE seal 130 plus 65 hmmm SERPENT13 rises