Thursday, July 23, 2015

01 SIRdayan *-- NOO years day in a WOOLFY SPECIAL YEAR

YaniQi SirVice

110 62 172  <<==  july 23 , a thursday the Lady is dated
111 63 174
112 64 176

The perspectives get low agayn - still some positions may fruit ..
In a whippy the dragon can fly agayn from its prison captured by ol'deamons unaware.

we combine Departur with TAo ; Fleight is TZUJANKEY , Arrival is Qi

Departur / TAo
combined with fleight WIND 62 it can only be the WOOLF
its wave is 105 and tone 6 is rhythmic so WHITE RHYTHMIC DOG

YOUR CONCIOUS SELF , who you are and who you are becoming
reading pretty woolfy

FL8 / TzuJanKeY
resonates a WIND at wave 53 - Quetzal coatls - tone 10: MANIFESTING
IT permits WOOLFY to speak wide and thorough

ArrivalUE / Qi : Q I -- "chi"
Tone 2 - challenger in wave of DOGTYPE WOLF ; it is the LUNAR tone
transconnective with the MOON - what moon does reign ??

NB recalculation gave DS112 Tzolkin64 => TreeKweak 176
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Cardinal      Clan- Sky
Galactic Activation Portal
I channel in order to question
Inspiring fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of elegance
I am a galactic activation portal   enter me
Seal 16 Yellow Warrior Seal 17 Red Earth Seal 18 White Mirror Seal 19 Blue Storm Seal 20 Yellow Sun Seal 1 Red Dragon Seal 2 White Wind Seal 3 Blue Night Seal 4 Yellow Seed Seal 5 Red Serpent Seal 6 White WorldBridger Seal 7 Blue Hand Seal 8 Yellow Star Seal 9 Red Moon Seal 10 White Dog Seal 11 Blue Monkey Seal 12 Yellow Human Seal 13 Red Skywalker Seal 14 White Wizard Seal 15 Blue Eagle Tone 7 Resonant Tone 8 Galactic Tone 9 Solar Tone 10 Planetary Tone 11 Spectral Tone 12 Crystal Tone 13 Cosmic Tone 1 Magnetic Tone 2 Lunar Tone 3 Electric Tone 4 SelfExisting Tone 5 Overtone Tone 6 Rhythmic Tone 7 Resonant
counter clockwise wheel rotation
Kin 176
Harmonic 44: Resonant Output Express intelligence of attunement - Loom of 13 Moons Gap Kin
Moon Phase
The Dreamspell Prayer for Today by Starroot with Jose Arguelles - Valum Votan playing flute. (Hunab Ku image) Kin 176
Sat Sept 26, 2015

S'acec onsiders this as the outcome for tyhe year KIN

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