Thursday, July 30, 2015

07 MOONdaya *-- I saw a pretty FULL Moon - last night - what moon was this??

116 68 184 <<== july 29 wednessday  (juuly 28 was tuesday - correction)
117 69 186
118 70 188

116 is a Warrior .. but be careful you donot rely on fake sources to speak loud and from a trap,
a pitfall YI says - which YI ? See hexagram 44 here on YI


Hexagram 44
Feminine power.
No use to grab the woman
The great image says:
Everywhere under Heaven there is Wind: the heir.
The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions

day 12 of a yin moon

Temptation is an interesting thing. It could bring ruin, or it might bring something life giving.
Everyone needs challenges, to awaken the senses, in order to feel fully alive. And who knows what may manifest from it?
What 44 represents is that which is powerfully attractive to the ego. It can be a person, an event or something you have unwittingly put into train, which takes off out of control and far beyond your plan. When we build a structure around us to protect us from 'wrong' and 'bad', we can build a solid life. But what we lose then, is our vulnerability to be freely influenced. That means we also lose our creativity and our receptivity to life's impulses.
Gou is dangerous and seductive, but it brings the birth of the heir.

iT SAID [Woman Power] nut this chagnged in PartiCipation Society
So [ Feminine Power] resides in both Man and Woman ..
It could give a period of resistence and the YaniQ case is a good examle to bring it up to higher courts to get the message in full grid.

TAo - departUR
Warrior tone 12 - crystal : red crystal serpent 
 your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming

just kin is 68 here : a STAR Born

TZUJAN / FLeight
on voyage we fail on having enough eyes , especially when something sets attention
69 indicates a MOON on this )NEAR' FULL MOON wedness day
Tone 4 in 66 is self existing as mykey designed some clips ..

 A combination with the artistic world of Norwegian integer talent Hilma Af Klint

QI - Arrivalue
A WIND SEAL on wave 170 / DOG , here WOOLFY tone 13 / presence

So dear YaniQ , here we are .. on presence

membering a swearing gang is no party to fight for a couple in Love ..

the office people only wanna get a story line out of it as BrugMedia
/ the boss taking your best from your fiancee ...
All grown in Paternalism especially the FRYSK
is Amsterdam token by the Frysk .. then launching Aboutleb in Rotterdam

Indeed dear your correction is heard: 184 sounds a SEED must be 144
here we have
which resides in wave 183 : the INTUIT NIGHT ... giving spive to the THIRD fase , a TzuYanKEY

(un believable on by personal speriQ)