Thursday, July 16, 2015

theodoors birthday party in Rotterdam 25 july 16 o'clock near the Kralings Plas

112 62 174  ==>> july 25

example of questioning a free for cast by the medium SaceY  aka YaniQi
gone throught the FIEN reFINEd

third day in the first moon of the year: SERVICE TONE as VitaNessY , a wonder accord once set
on the YaniQ script

lets try it:  3 1 14 9 11 => 38  : a mirror being as judged as SCHIZOphreniQ ..
but aye it is not
it is just a LadY laughing through LIFE and knitting wonderful creations ..
as TheoDoor & Sáce playing FEUD untill theos death ..
(was the game still on)

well then THEO is still wandering around folks - he has got eternitY

in short oracle treasuring

112 Human in serpents wave tone 9 - solar and on intend ---- whowww

62  Wind in skywalkers wave tont 10 - planetary and manifesting

174  Wizard - yes he really was that type - here Tone 4
self existing in 170 DOG wave of the Hearth that is so wide noOne can estiMate
but at the end Thomas is the first one receiving the Spark ... how true this can be

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