Monday, July 20, 2015

25 - SOULdaYan *-- the PARK is a timeless place to be quarded by SILVANUS

106 58 164 <<== july 19 writing letters
107 59 166
108 60 168

we produced this line on SUNday , here we draft the MONday, day after blog

it skips the 164 mayor trick as shamaniQ Qi

106 is a Beaver getting wild bridges over troubled water ..
tone 2 spits the challenging pitfall - in  order te regayn self-control & uniQueness

58 is a Mirroriing figurant catalysing 106 and 164
so the beaver seeds noo earth as chessnuts in Eurostaete:
their act as Theo Lovers in the wilderness-
as shortY

164 shines a SEED offspring some years agto when he died in the earth ..
to sprout even more love from his chest.
Quite a believer one can me for this glorY

a park reflects to the TIMEs we pass ..
it is a God as SilVaNus who stands for this VIRTUE as Man & Woman and vice versa