Wednesday, July 15, 2015

21 WINDdaYan --* finishing the dead END street of AUTISM

100 52 152
101 53 154 (previous day gave 153 - which is a good faulty tower)
102 54 156  <<== july 15 wednessdaya

AUTISM is a Questionable source , where it came from
Artists already knew this for quite a time bu tcouldnot reach politicians and business men to sustain from its daggers at a personal and peace worth sphere
Some ladies are mastered in staying from the chesnuts and let men sed them ..
only i was lucky having found one to seed with me , YaniQ i

it was a day in octobre 2011 i suppose we entered EUROSTAETE a free zone to set LAWS etcetera as \Luxembourg once did

let us see the figurants:

102 is a WIND that carries feathers from A to B
it communicates very light , each day is a new day
When people close you down by phone tricks ..
they shold not let you read what you wrote before
it is always in realation with the world/now/spirit we expose & impose

102 WIND is a TONE 11 - SPECTRAL ONE that colours he RAINBOW

FLeight NOW is on ZUVUYA as TZUJAN
54 spices heavens with WIZARD 2 - it is MOON dynamic LUNAR challenging
(for 2 options that illustrates the character build upon now)

Arrival 156 - a WARRIOR enter the HOME as ET fearless
as a good advise that the home is wher5e the hearth is ..
indeed i write an extra h, the 8th character in MOONbeth,
the new 28 elements setting alphabeth .. we the People Need