Tuesday, August 18, 2015

II 4 /28 ~ SUNdaYan *-- ~~KALIKEY ~~

ENTRANCE of the Lunar MOON II of a yearcycle
each daYan has its symbol

T august 23  SunDay : service to according starroot kin given
142 95 237  *--   <=======              
143 96 239  **-
144 97 241  *** 

KALIKEY implies
KA   center by the hearth
LI     embrace heavenly esprit
KEY let is arriValue in an unlocking gesture

]2 WIND[    }crystal 12{
Communicating the precision is a common task to fulfill
this generates the bliss of the crystal unitty - settle the intenD

]15 EAGLE[  }self existing 4{
The moment and the vision are close on the move  - the steps one takes
Avoid greed; trust the field of a universal path with the o ther one

Qi  iQ
land in the eve phase of the day
It is ]EARTH[ }electris 3{ at service ..
Load up yr bat into the night zuvuya

dwells the fulfillments of these sequence
]|WARRÏOR[  }overtone 5{  radiates all veins

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