Friday, August 7, 2015

I 24/28 URdaYan *** ~~ SILIOHM`~~ ~~ SILIOHM`~~ ~~ SILIOHM`~~

131 83 214 v   (august 13)
132 84 216 v   (august 14)
133 85 218 T august 15, saturday

SILIOHM trice accomplishes a tripling seQuence
OHM is the 3rd whee'/chakra as connection to KUXAN SUUM - the accord
participate the sublimal cord as that one swims .. dwelling the womb

]SKYWALKER[   ~~~   }electric 3{    be at service to swing with the other ones this opportunity
services the exploratuion of another sense to pop in short span - healing the meatheads chocs
servicer of monkey wave has noticed the challenger of 132 - now converts into 134/ as estafette
(jumping a dayline into august 16 0 the box number)

TzuYanKeY   , the fleight between TAo and Qi phases
       ]SERPENT[    ~~~   }resonant 7{   let it free at some distance
spice the will of life to ilustrate uniQ but only when its moment arises from the communities drive

When all serpents bite ate the same moment - what mesh would occur ..

        ]MIRROR[     ~~~   }planetary 10{  - sense the complementary effects
Inspecting the mirror is okay - stand its image , inspect the eyes close on that tool
see deep inside what you permitted yrself upon the other

TzuYanKeYe   , return fleight Qi~iQ into TAo - maintaining its intelligence
  86  ]WORLDBRIDGER[   ~~~    }galactic 8{
now the extra essence back is the integrity bite - wheep on it as grace
kweak sets the TzyYanKeYe phase as
            the forgiveness spatial special in LoversQuantumField of margins

Charles Bukowski - a prolific man s dreamspell-

Yellow Magnetic Sun
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Polar      Clan- Fire
I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
Seal 20 Yellow Sun Seal 1 Red Dragon Seal 2 White Wind Seal 3 Blue Night Seal 4 Yellow Seed Seal 5 Red Serpent Seal 6 White WorldBridger Seal 7 Blue Hand Seal 8 Yellow Star Seal 9 Red Moon Seal 10 White Dog Seal 11 Blue Monkey Seal 12 Yellow Human Seal 13 Red Skywalker Seal 14 White Wizard Seal 15 Blue Eagle Seal 16 Yellow Warrior Seal 17 Red Earth Seal 18 White Mirror Seal 19 Blue Storm Tone 1 Magnetic Tone 2 Lunar Tone 3 Electric Tone 4 SelfExisting Tone 5 Overtone Tone 6 Rhythmic Tone 7 Resonant Tone 8 Galactic Tone 9 Solar Tone 10 Planetary Tone 11 Spectral Tone 12 Crystal Tone 13 Cosmic Tone 1 Magnetic
counter clockwise wheel rotation

Kin 40
Harmonic 10: Magnetic Matrix Self-regulate universal fire of purpose Magnetic Gate

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