Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I ~26/28 SOÙLdaYa xx- ~~ LIMIMAH ~~ ~~ LIMIMAH ~~ ( twice )

134 86 220 v    (august 16, sunday)
135 87 222 T august 17, monday WIND1
136 88 224
 .... Go all the WaY as honourfull it fits okay Bono on Bukowski

copy of galactic federation members == lend from

People mostly show Face but also referencee to mandalic of trophee

shows a VISION impuls from ]EAGLE[ here in monkey131wave TO|NE 5= Overtone
as starte for the day cycle

Hands over onto 222 the WIND||WA|VE
the given Eye from previous day :remember the learning modus ??
handover as clean as is goes to the eve conversation

Communicae on the highes leven 1 resonant to cosmic 13
is this our precious love mudus, YaniQ
Do the cats spin their harmony

1 step at a day , mr Arun Gandhi said to me will do ;
but then it is a plus 1 step on the whiolly picture - not ending lower at each cycle ?
or it does when earth is goal from too high gone with the Wind


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