Wednesday, August 5, 2015

16 KINdaYan *-- ~~ SE LI NOO ~~ pivots the noosphere a welllcome

125 77 201 T august 7 , 2015 - Friday week 31?
126 78 204
127 79 206

meaning on
as from S'ace - author of kweakayn
in an aligned perspective the similar set of properties model the similar plane - a KIN

IN Lak'ech a la KIN & video on kaballah & i ching

]SERPENT[ reigns the mourning sunset having lost its skin from the ol'
mirror at }galactic{ tone of integritY orders its coming life

TzuYanKeY came from the development we did into the Front Office
(a shift from only busy in te back office makes curious but ten we have to mature all)
77 guides
]EARTH[ is a solid Navigathor to follow its plan
the }CRYSTAL{ closed it fractals in all facets - ~crystal mirror~ smashes al over the space

]DRAGON[ flight gives a shift of fire streaming wide over the earth
its tone }RHYTHMIC{ tone gives impulse to people dancing the ceiling while it opens

TzuYanKeYe is the result from shift on 77 - the Eye opens agaYn

what to say where everYone gets the own results at Home where the Heart iz - itz