Wednesday, August 5, 2015

15 NESSdaYan *** : IIIrd chanting 3 tiimes aloud : ~~ GAMMAYWAY ~~

122 74 196 ( august 4 , tu es D )
123 75 198 (august 5, wednessday )
124 76 200 T august 6, thursdaY
The chanting is backin kweak, which was started in 2009 as an PreYveT investigation on the Move
It is spiced with lovely YaniQ - pure Dutch Feminine force mixed with Masculine Flavour
(she is on webfeud gossipmedia whispers)
what does GAM MAY WAY achieve ...
from an accoustiq interval
GAM opens a game willing mind set - GAM notes 21 (21x21=441 the holomind keynumber)
MAY  - in dutch 'mee' is arousing te amygdala section for seeing from outside innerlY as blindMAN
WAY - in dutch 'wee' is a pumping movement for a Woman to become a M'other
kweak is keen on the idea a man needs such a magic act in his life to enter some human-notion.
Late TheoDoor' Lalleman came to the conclusion each citizen needs a Service to fulfill before xx (a nation set age - dutch 50)

TAo    - morning vow
SEED gets direction by SUN values
In Mirror wave it is the 7th tone of RESONANCE
We see it as a direction giving energy for the human world

Intermediate Queeste: what fun is the warrior at the graveYard of Death?

is still the American Dominance in the flag .. although YanKee shifted to JanKee (up 7 from 3-10)
the SPECTRAL tone in the one U are becoming

Qi  ~  the studY of YaniQ (template for willing ones?) as her life mission to accomplish
A SUN seal as cycle leader at column length of 20 riders on the storm
10th column fulfilled of MANIFESTATION
196 is warriors wave - here 200 is fifth tone tat radiates - here the SUN as radiation object is double RADIATING its ORIGIN

TzuYanKeY returns the complex of Questions aroused into a governors clearing
no extra clearing needed where it returns locally in the justified pockets -- aYe
also 76 is applicable here as fearful investor in participating this given globe