Friday, August 7, 2015

23/28 URdaYan **- ~~ SILIOHM ~~ ~~ SILIOHM ~~ twice

131 83 214 v   (august 13)
132 84 216 T august 14, friday
133 85 218

SILIOHM twice traveling the bodily wheels

OHM is the 3rd wheel as connection to KUXAN SUUM (our team name once)

travel the sublimal cord as dwelling as U can .. swim in the womb

everyone becomes artisan - michelvec clip

132  ]HUMAN[   ~~~   }lunar 2{    challenging what came up so sudden
How to behave when attacked by several othe humen from a distance?
You follow the procedures and take care ..

MIND & Mental Sphere2 6.3 - Michelvec clip 45 minutes

TzuYanKeY   , the fleight between TAo and Qi phases
 84  ]SEED[         ~~~   }rhythmic 6{   equalizing the new as integrating

Some seed needs hustling/shaking before it gets fertile.
Such as seed from the Pseudo Acacia that is feertale after the hustle.
Such thing are also familiar to man en woman, getting wiser throughout life.
This is a fruitile afeternoon .. take your chances when the Need Urges.

216  ]EAGLE[     ~~~   }galactic 8{  - sense the integrity within the world U are
Vision comes by taking Distaance as Eagle does.
Interity sharpens the take-inn mode not to consume all shit but see the facts.

TzuYanKeYe   , return fleight Qi~iQ into TAo - maintaining its intelligence by let go skin
  85  ]SERPENT[   ~~~    }resonant 7{
Something is found and pops in Natural Intuit Mode.
What does the serpent but change its skin - Time Alarms we should Come into Action.

kweak sets the TzuYanKeYe phase as
            the forgiveness default in LoversQuantumField of margins

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