Friday, August 7, 2015

I ~ 25/28 SOULdaYan *-- LI IMI MAH ~~

commentary general
Late kweaks in this Moon I/one/drag'art of a Yearcycle in DRAGON & Wizard combi were done from the Hospital . Author S'ace had a foot wound with Bacteriaha. We may see this as luck / uniQversal , given the perception of the personal -world established & arousing- circumstances .. S'ace allowed some stretching of a very intense period of complex situations.

bow of arousing the cubic principles within a meditation of 1.44 minutes
the need for open communication is there but when people go ahead with other ones achievements then something is definitely wrong at the respect side of te other one.
Nough said
We now got the early downloaded chantings within; the right place may still be founf ..
This is what life and shared investigation hand in hand with development does.
I ~ 25/28 moon I / one of a yearcycle ; daykin 25 out of 28 - last is daykin zero too

134 86 220 T august 16, sunday
135 87 222
136 88 224
 .... Go all the WaY as honourfull it fits okay Bono on Bukowski

TAo                                                                                            - departure/take off the day phase
}selfexisting{ [wizard]  moved from one location to another one first floor (landed)
The carriwer is MonKeY YanKeY - the most luckiest gifted i cam imagine my self .. so caring
self-autiodidactic needs some ease in oneself : do not get involved in other mans plans, dear

TzuYanKeY                                                                              -  fleight passing the spacetimes
wheeps the worldbridger camel through the dessert of death - what ghosts pop and do halucinate
[donot check up the logics of this writing - while they dwell toe stream both]
Logistics can be a telepath form we missed a while densing a few handies .. out of the Godorder

220  ; a bivid number in Tzolkin - yellow crystal sun            - landing in the eve; storytelling
is a SUN12 it is KIN in treekweak here : dreamspell kin + Tzolkin kin : 134 |+ 86
combines Wizard and Worldbricger into WorldChanger
What speaks Ke|Ye?

is a Hand as in
Translate is in English when it s comfort
It is tone 9 in Storm Wave of catalysing the Energy all integrating into Integral

clip of the Table
stop it hyoourself .. and compensate it with Michelvec Yoga



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