Thursday, August 6, 2015

22/28 URdaYan *-- ~~ SILIOHM ~~ as single chanting ... allowing the voiD

131 83 214 T  august 13, thursday
132 84 216
133 85 218

SILIOHM traveling the bodily wheels
SI  is through the crown upward as far as go
LI  is receivall we could grab via Crown7
OHM is the 3rd wheel as connection to KUXAN SUUM (our team name once)

searching authors history urge

reQuest - try to let know some experience - even when your first on the blank list ;-)

kweakayn uses Tao as starter of a day ; TzuYanKeY is the noon idea; Qi is arriVALUE
The night seems gone but is 24 hours a day TzuYanKeYe : gathering 1 new aspect of life.
131  ]MONKEY[   ~~~   }magnetic 1{    starting 13 days the monkey wave in the mourning
a whole wave of 13 seals are cooperating unseen. In vaious gogmes / formations the mseh up non-sense. It brings every one sharing in a natural en vironment where a non-important volunteer tips a wise note --- what happend in this gathering ? who is arriValueing ?? the daYan ?? a Judge .. in the sagaciTy

TzuYanKeY   , the fleight between TAo and Qi phases
 83  ]NIGHT[         ~~~   }overtone 5{
intuits skillbow radiates something not-fitting the ordinairy world .. Why is that ??
How to inform my children , can i reach them on the speed of life knocking meself/parentage out ??

214  ]WIZARD[   ~~~   }rhythmic 6{  - eQualizing by shaking the balance
no advisory text - respecting the creative ones to share a comment on their idea what the 4 meant.
Harry Potter grew a who generation of wizard aYe; witches too ..

TzuYanKeYe   , return fleight Qi~iQ into TAo - maintaining its intelligence
84  ]SEED[   ~~~    }rhythmic 6{
this as getting the seed of pseudo acacia / Robinea 'gay' for growing a tree
84 can be read as 2^3 & 2^2   ; the both harmonizing powers above - after ^ - up symbol

kweak sets the TzyYanKeYe phase as
            the forgiveness default in LoversQuantumField of margin

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