Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I 27/28 SOULdaYan ~~ LIMIMAH ~~ ~~ LÏMÏMAH ~~ LIMIMAH ~~

9 KIN table = 1 kweak
134 86 220 v    (august 16, sunday)
135 87 222 v    (august 17, monday WIND1)
136 88 224 T august 18, tuesday NIGHT2 / challenging night in Dreamspell
 .... Go all the WaY as honourfull it fits okay Bono on Bukowski

LIMIMAH"chanting (every one can imagine its own! bodily vibrant, aye)
LI is arousing in the 7th chakra CROWN for receiving heavenly
MI is passing it by reception7 to the mental heart and water section , the Pelvis
MaH is pumping it up to the physical heart

Quite astonishing one might discover ..

clip on MAYAN FACTORING human logos New JERUSALEM

converting the 9 KIN table per 3 KIN  - ibndicating this daTan : third of a kweak (9 KIN)

departure - voyage - arrivalues :  TAo - Tzujan - Qi - Tzujan`
]Warrior[ in ~Monkey wave~ tone }rhythmic{ dances through the trees long tails that grab branches for swings ...
This thought give esprit for the day to playfull balance with another one ..
is this the true Silvanus Man ??
(a most interesting number as a cube in a biggerr cube-8)
]STAR[ seals this KIN , the fleigth of the day zone ..
It is the manifestating tone within the ~storm79 wave~

Qi iQ
refers to the intelligent Quotiënt from Qualitative investigation on the fields of research:
we define 6 fields as parallel to hexagrams
field researvh
integral research - earth & water
source research
self research
love research
relational research
(the lowest is the highest ; we built from base up)
hexagram 25 (89 - 64)
thunder below heaven
Hexagram 25
Eminent - expansion, Harvest - determination
An incorrect attitude brings disaster through shortsightedness
No ground for harvest
The great image says:
Below Heaven rolls Thunder, beings associate in innocence
The ancient kings made use of lush growth in accordance with the seasons to nurture the myriad beings 

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