Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Leaked KIN effects by trayning..

Kweakayn" is actually oir label while first firm was 9 days a kweak

Now we have 9 daYAn of 72 hours as quite a unity l!

We work for 72 hours on a place over 50 km away as average discipline

Economics change in clear sight,  meditation sessions too
as family life

A sjarp quy preferring ananymous while single,

Questioned 75 skipped as the third kin

see last three serial in a singel daYAn 9:

60 12 72
61 13 74
62 14 76

We skip 73 & 75 refarding last columns

Trick is We get ontologiical aware on those
still practise on ahafunbase implodes creative elan virtailice
73 skywalker 8 -galactic and integrity feed

75 eagle 10 - planetary boost pissed off by FIFA casewe

 weus will give the 9er each dayan triplet

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