Saturday, June 6, 2015

XII FAdaYan *-- bioVoiding a tripling 72 / 81

81?  this is mago : each set of 8 hours have a twin : the 8th
 8 includes the 9th, the baby Next Us

Which takes Woolfson the Budapest board, Yitzhaq declares..

 66 18  84 <<=== june 7 sunday
 67 19  86
 68 20  88

DepartUR point
   66 recalls the route 66 memory leak.. As an american Fast Lane

   was it  "don't think, Act! " in Yankee - cult  , YaniQ btought it up
 in her strife for Delilahs crown in S'ace biovoiDinG adventUR  
 well, who could see the SamSom family tree pops in both Samsom and Willnis


   Samsom family three pops in both  SamSom and Willness

   66 codes WORLD BRIDGER ONE :  MAGNETIC TYPE , leader

   leader of 12 followers.. Which pops importance for Judean as Yitzhaq
   he follows the woman judas,  the real jesus.. In all his fear as caution.
   what do weus sense : will YitzhaQ surrender in a good way of thinking as jester?

   18as FL8 : travelling mago

    sixth equalizing tone in wizard wave pulses into resonamt 7

    in order to become 8,  incliding 9 : take over commando..

   arrival 84 pinpoints the noo seed fabriqued
   Tzolkin translates it as YELLOW RHYTHMIC SEED! 
   STORM~6 SPOKENas  storm wave fractaled rhythmic twister

   hapoy NooYear ;-)