Friday, June 12, 2015

XII NESSdaYan --* closure june 6/12 friD

69 21 90

70 22 92

71 23 94 <<== wizard in Human 92 as treekweak druïde


Transformation on Monkey 6,  the dancing rhythm & rhyme

Is this me muse making the world look so different in a whippy
Llet Us be together agayn in our peace at pieces integrating Y'our wholeness


23 iz planetary night & fleight of 22,  white solar windID ent

Here finished by Delil'AH SAmsom herself

It s pure Rooman the Nooman

Alkseeing US~ talk with me us...
Can we talk i silence too?

 pinpoints a wizzart in treekweak spell fusing destiny

It s tome is Serving Electric three aka 3

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