Thursday, June 4, 2015

XII MOONdaYan -*- midway : Life fractal Center Attent-Qi

63 15 78
64 16 80 <<== midway  -*-
65 17 81

DepartUR  64

Chessboard & I Tjing  Quadrant 2 dimensional
or Rubics Cube lll dimensional

Spells seal SEED,  her fictional - non reality hype - Seal 44 next column 4

Board260?44 : 53-40=13.12,  crystal tone of skywalker waves
See whether U can find the celll!  imagine its position..

64 column 4 is tone :: label self-existing, try also self-exploring,  and autonome
avoid autistic and marionet all the time!

When you receive a chair you wanted either say thank you and mean is respectfull, either pay it as it costs and is serviced for the handling

Process FLeight 16
 what a beauty 64 / 16 gives another 4

14~3 is the wave notation

Service tone Electric Wizard.. ESP kin?

It is in the range of 22,  my own kin

Tone 9,  last of the singular 9 where 10 is manifestation and 13 12 11 download

80 is SUN

Makes me hopeful

SUN light returns in her hearth,  burns as laser does in eye,  in the mothers hearth

Fulll respect for how she went with me [[[before any fall]]]

Jude & thomas seem aQuadrupling phenomenonbut how to treat?

Silvanus it is. ! God of  [ Aeon,  pile, poimt ]
tone 79.2 Storm challenger : Quarantaine as Womb to Kuxan Suum

This caledrick aeons..