Wednesday, June 3, 2015

XII nooSUNdaYan --* third day second daYan

Stabilizing phase is activated today by rcccjdegroot at Gee

62 14 76

After solar wizard fused noospherical on lovelinguistic wizardry

Departure 62marks WIND,  bodily pressure for voice

 Planetary tone in explorer wave  pops the manifesting argument

 that Still needs profounD articulation on that very essence of elan vital

Processing is the FL8 - fleight,  9 too while 8 is intrinsic twin clear to see

14 is leader Wizard of a pack of 12 more,  the Judean followers? 
 other dirty dozen too?
 did somebody tell you the Blatter history started at my daddies ofice?

 it was at the BeGro desk in north Holland,  LANGEDIJK

HIS compagnon saw water grow hard on a field so

People could skate without drowning ;-)

Same principle done over and over again in swiss precision and Vatican Calendric

14 is tone Magnetic (noothing)


Realized by 76 fearless warrior

Distant from 28year warrior full of doubt ever finding a girlfriend laying his eyes on most abject beeeeeep