Tuesday, June 30, 2015

XIII 9 MOONdaYan --* ninth day in cube idea centrepoimts

88 40 128
89 41 130
90 42 132  <<== july 1

Next month on Turtle9

90 brings woolf crying and howling for the drama

42 is Norit42 also may spiritual key man Jan Goudsblom

Due obsession in mygifted life urged some creations..
Perhaps networks ard willing to hear from narratives..
Here and there i found nice homes to stay for one or a few nights
my home is my castle and perhaps only a nice car to live my heritage
YaniQ was Quite an eXperience ; i angled a thought to Frank Sinatra


ArriVal 132


The monkeyme turned the key at the verge of julY
 the GoD idea is silly :

 silly silvanus resides in all of us and may pop a silly song

132 holds 42 & 90,  how elegant at tone 2 - moon challenger...
We will always long for a moment residing there together chrystalizing the chest (nuts)

 myknee gets the world around         (~ |   KIN~ID.net

Oopswhen Ella doesnt perform, let us try 10 CC

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