Tuesday, June 30, 2015

XIII 30 MOONdaYan -*- Navel KuXan Suum at HoTel

94 40 134
95 41 136  <<== june 30 agreement day on 2 months Hotel deBotel
96 42 137
 correction 9 i saw some divertion took place

89 41  130 <<== june 30
moon 11  dragon 2  warrior 6 are pending on june 30 tuesday

Departur 95 schedules Eagle/snowowl

Tone 4 in Human wave 92 the 8th wave is Galactic and cleans the mental sick notes

Self Existing : arise Baby, start all over by Yi on Qi ~ Tzujan ~ TAo

 find a better lover than ever a looser

Start in Hotel Kalief or N'ea

Remind Ea as geddess of Breath, pressured air by human stress

Fleight 41 speaks Dragon of a Woomaniser tracking serpents
but wasnot it alll meant from a good hearth from adVance ¿  we rethink

Arrival 136 sets a warrior crown on the mayors income..

Shedding a 65kk was always his wet dream as a Hero with Heroïne

mr&mrs Know'BodY at all in generationbinding.com pitfall

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